Below is a list of courses which I taught as a teaching assistant:

Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2018-19 - Economic Principles of Managerial Decisions, for John Hatfield

Spring 2017 - Energy Economics, for Michael Sadler

Fall 2016 - International Trade and Investment, for Shalah Mostashari

Summer 2016 - Microeconomic Theory, for Matt Clements

Spring 2016 - Introduction to Macroeconomics, for Shalah Mostashari

Fall 2015 - Introduction to Macroeconomics, for Michael Sadler

Teaching Assistant, University of Colorado Denver

Spring 2015 - Introduction to Econometrics, for Andrea Velasquez

Fall 2014 - Introduction to Econometrics, for Ryan Brown

Spring 2014 - Principles of Microeconomics, for Claire Duquennois

Fall 2013 - Intermediate Macroeconomics, for Annie Walker